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Intensive In-Home Services of The New Y-CAPP, Inc. primarily utilizes cognitive-behavioral techniques to provide intensive home-based counseling services to children, adolescents, and their families for the purposes of prevention, early intervention, and avoiding out of home placements. We support families facing difficult and important issues in the familiar setting of their own home. We believe that families have the ability to strengthen communication, build healthy connections, and overcome difficulties. Therefore, we recognize and utilize the family’s existing strengths, assets, and resources by involving the family as a partner in the collaborative decision-making and goal-setting process.

Intensive In-Home Services Virginia


How do I participate?

Intensive In-Home Services is funded through Virginia Medicaid. Referrals to In-Home Services can be made through many community sources such as schools, counseling agencies, the Department of Social Services, Court Services Unit, Department of Juvenile Justice, and other community mental health agencies. Families who feel they may be eligible can also call directly to (757) 315-4200 for the Tidewater area, (804) 255-9144 for Richmond, Hopewell and surrounding areas, (434) 973-0176 for Charlottesville and surrounding areas.

Who are the staff?

The Intensive In-Home Services staff consists of highly-trained counselors. A licensed professional is available to provide treatment and supervision as well. All shared information is held within the limits of confidentiality established by law. Our staff provides clinical documentation in each participant’s record reflecting:
  • Assessment for risk for out-of-home placement
  • Progress notes
  • Family assessment and genogram
  • Individualized treatment plan

Active service components include:

Reducing psychiatric symptoms by providing diagnosis and psychotropic medication educational intervention aimed at providing understanding and management of mental health conditions.
Providing individualized person and family-centered services according to the needs of each family through:
  • Supporting parents to be in charge
  • Establishing rules, rewards, and consequences
  • Improving parent/child communication and interaction
  • Developing parenting skills
  • Addressing physical/sexual abuse
  • Improving school attendance and other school issues
  • Addressing blended and non-traditional family challenges
  • Family conflict resolution
  • Education about alcohol and other drug abuse issues
  • Learning to manage responses to anger
  • Fiscal and home management
  • Learning and utilizing community resources
  • Finding alternatives to delinquent behaviors, i.e., gangs, violence, substance use, etc.
  • 24-hour crisis and emergency response

How does the program work?

  • Contact for in-home assessment initiated with 48 hours of referral
  • Intensive services provided up to 10 hours of contact per week per family
  • Meetings are typically held in the home
  • Individual counseling sessions are held with identified service participant
  • Family counseling sessions are held with families in whatever combination of members is deemed important
  • The length of counseling is determined by how quickly the family’s treatment goals are achieved. Desired results can typically be achieved within 10-12 weeks, with some issues taking longer.
  • Treatment involves collaboration with other professionals (e.g. social services, schools, probation, court services, and other agencies) for the purposes of coordinating services to efficiently achieve set goals.