About The New Y-CAPP, Inc
(Richmond, Tidewater & Charlottesville)
Youth Challenged, Advised and Positively Promoted
The New Y-CAPP, Inc was formed in 1999 by Jonathan E. Coleman and Donna Pierce-Baylor. The organization serves the needs of adults, children and adolescents in Richmond, Tidewater, Charlottesville and their sounding areas.

From the start, The New Y-CAPP, Inc. works proudly to empower individuals to reach their maximum potential by providing outstanding service in each of our programs. Our organization is truly humbled to continue offering services that positively impacts individuals and families, participate in valuable career networking opportunities, and guiding talented individuals who are on the path to personal and career development.

In turn, through meaningful collaboration with a variety of organizations, The New Y-CAPP has grown in its appreciation and understanding of the needs within the community. This understanding has increased our motivation to develop wide-ranging programming to serve our clients in a holistic approach. Our mission has always been and will continue to remain steadfast in helping others to reach their maximum potential.


Our mission is to provide quality support and education to families in their natural environments through collaboration, positive inclusive interventions, and counseling services to build stronger family communication and connections.


Our vision is to be consistent, efficient, and professional in the clinical services we deliver. We accomplish this by developing healthy clinical relationships and employing best ethical practices within the field of community mental health services.